Student Visa and Important documents

Candidates who wish to pursue their higher education in a foreign country require applying for a student visa. In New Zealand, student visas are issued on the basis of the admission letters received from the universities and recognized colleges in the country. These student visas are issued for the duration of the academic course for which the student is to study there. However, the international students are required to meet some requirements if they wish to get enrolled for the course.    

Issuance of Visa

The Visa permits are issued to enable the candidates to take a particular course for some duration in a specified institute. Although there are chances when candidates might not be issued a visa such as if a candidate doesn’t meet the requirements for entry to New Zealand; if the candidate is not a genuine applicant to get a study visa etc. 

Not a resident of New Zealand?

If you are not a resident of New Zealand or belong to New Zealand but are willing to study in the country, you must fulfill the requirements for getting the student visa. For the issue of student visa, you will get all the required application forms from the office of New Zealand government. 

You might need a student visa and permit, if you want to go for higher education in New Zealand for more than three months. On the other hand, you won’t require a visa or permit if you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, or hold a permanent residence in New Zealand or you hold a permanent residence or a resident return current visa in Australia. 

If you wish to go for studying a single course in New Zealand exempted by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), for the duration of less than three months then you get a chance to give application for the issue of a visitor visa. You should get a student visa or permit if you want to apply for two or more courses in New Zealand. 

Documents required by International students to get Study Visa in New Zealand:
  • You will be required to show a written offer of a place, which will notify that you are accepted to study in an educational institution in New Zealand. 
  • You will be required to produce the receipt for payment of course fees. However, you should not produce the receipt of payment until your application is approved in principle.  
  • You should submit a completed and signed application form for student visa along with a passport size photograph. You will also be required to pay a student application fee which is non refundable. 
  • Guarantee of Accommodation – you will be asked to submit a written assurance from an educational institute or some person which assures that you have a suitable residential accommodation in New Zealand. 
  • Submit your identity certificate or passport which is valid for a period of time for which you are willing to study in New Zealand. 
  • Evidence which assures that suitable funds are available to support you during your stay in New Zealand. You should submit at least one of the four as evidence:
    1. A sponsoring student form completely filled, in which a financial undertaking by the sponsor should be there confirming that the required cost will be transferred to New Zealand. This amount is the minimum requirement and is taken as the living expenses per year. 
    2. A letter from your educational institute which confirms that all your living expenses have been paid already as your fees. 
    3. You should show a bank document which confirms that the funds for the required amount will be provided to you in New Zealand.
    4. An award for complete scholarship provided in New Zealand.
If you want to study in New Zealand for a period of more than 24-months you will require:
  • Completed medical and chest X-ray certificates for New Zealand Immigration service. 
  • Character clearance certificates: There should be two original character references (if you are under the age of 17-years) or a clearance certificate from local police (if you are 17-year old or over). You can obtain these certificates from the New Zealand government office. 
All these documents are important for getting a student visa in New Zealand. You will be issued a student visa as soon the overseas government office in New Zealand is satisfied with your application. Once you submit your completed application, you will get the study visa which will be a great help to complete your study course in New Zealand. 

The study visa guidelines mentioned here are tentative in nature. For latest updates see NZ Immigration Website
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