Accommodation in New Zealand

Going to a foreign country and finding a suitable accommodation can be a daunting task. Therefore, you should start looking for an accommodation facility, even before going there. The accommodation office of respective city in New Zealand, where you are studying, can help you find a perfect place to live. Other than this, education Institutions also helps international students in finding a residence.

Most universities in New Zealand are based in the major cities like – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, where you can find accommodation in university residence halls, Homestay or independent flats.

Living at Halls of Residence (Hostels) in New Zealand

Most institutions in New Zealand have residential facility, which is located, either inside or at a walking distance from the university. They are the best option for foreign students. It is recommended that you register as soon as possible for these rooms, because seats in these halls are limited and fill very quickly. 

Depending on the institutions, rooms will be available in single or twin share basis. Facilities provided on these campus halls include dining hall, lounge room and community hall. Diet cost is also included in hostel fees. The great thing about community halls is that you get to meet new people and live in a safe lively environment.  

Average cost of living in a hostel including meals is about 200 to 300 New Zealand Dollars per week.

Living in a Homestay in New Zealand

Living in a Homestay in New Zealand is also a good option for international students. Homestay means that you live among a New Zealand local family in their house – generally with a personal bedroom. Your Homestay guardians provide your meals and help you with every aspect of life in New Zealand. Homestay is a first-rate way to know New Zealanders from the inside, and to interact with new people in English. As a paying guest in your host’s house, you are likely to contribute to regular family life, a good way to understand Kiwi culture.

Average cost of living in a Homestay is about NZ180 $ per week.

Independent Accommodation in New Zealand 

"Going Flatting" is the word used for renting an accommodation or house (flat), in New Zealand. It gives you the option of living with as many individuals as you want – males or females. It is a nice option for students living here for long time. Flats choices vary from one-bedroom apartments to four or five bedroom houses. Rental housing is normally clustered in the region of universities or colleges, but it can be found throughout the city periphery.

Many rental homes in New Zealand are available with garden and car parking. Generally, a microwave is provided for cooking, but sometimes other big devices like washing machines and dishwashers are also given. Don’t forget to pack your warm clothes as New Zealand households are not central heated, and landlord is not bound to provide the same. You can avail the heating by dividing the power bill between flatmates. One more thing, you have to sign a bond, which is refundable if you return the house without any further damage.

Renting a house will cost you around 100 dollars plus daily expenses like food and transportation per week.

Some Accommodation Tips for International Students Coming to New Zeland
  • For new students, it is important to stay on campus
  • Find the Homestay or Independent accommodation in the close vicinity of university.
  • Take the transportation and food cost in account for independent flats.
  • Choose your flatmates carefully; they should share your habits and economic strength.
  • Living cost vary according to location you chose; cities are costlier than small towns and areas far away from city centers.
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