Social Life in New Zealand

Social life and values in New Zealand is very different from what you experience in Asian countries and other parts of the world. Due to mostly European population, Kiwi people are open minded, peaceful and accepting. It’s the peaceful life in New Zealand that enchants the most international student, and therefore more and more foreign students are coming to New Zealand for higher education. In this article, we will take a brief look on the various aspect of Kiwi lifestyle.

Individuals from all around the world come to New Zealand to enjoy the stunning scenery and relish a vast variety of outdoor events. New Zealanders are known as Kiwis and have a tendency of being friendly so international students always feel comfortable. New Zealand cities do not have large crime rates and cases of corruption are almost unheard of.

Weather in New Zealand

New Zealand's weather is almost subtropical in the northern part but moderate and cool down south. The hottest months are January and February, and the coolest July and August.

Social values of New Zealand Society

One great thing you will find at this place; and it’s a thing New Zealanders take very earnestly, is the respect of different views and philosophies. New Zealand culture is a modern, irreligious, independent society with no imbedded class system. Freedom of speaking, expression and spiritual belief is assured in law. Folks in New Zealand are not adjudicated on how they sound, who they vote for, how they worship, where one live or where you have come from. Women equality is something New Zealand society is known for.

Social Interaction in New Zealand

New Zealanders like visiting each other in their households. When they are asked for a meal, individuals habitually take a small gift like a cluster of flowers, a flask of wine or a case of beer. You could propose to bring salad or dessert.  If a visitor is not hungry or thirsty, it is not impolite to leave food in your bowl and to say no to the proposal of food or beverage. As an international student, you may wish to take to New Zealand small, economical gifts from your specific country to give to your host.  

Food and Diet

New Zealanders have for a long time eaten beef, ham, mutton, fish, and fowl. Fruit is abundant, as are dairy goods. New Zealand also harvests good wines. Prevalent takeaway foods comprise fish and fries, sandwiches, and packed bread rolls. In the key cities, restaurants serve an extensive range of cuisine, comprising Thai, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Greek, and Mexican. The central meal is typically eaten in the evening in the middle of 6pm and 7pm, though it is more probable to be around 8pm when eating out.

Sports and Recreational Activities

Sports are a very big share in the lives of most New Zealanders. European Rugby is the most widespread sport in the winter; the All Blacks state team are famous and won the world cup last time. Football is also common. In summertime, cricket takes over. Numerous other sports are relished throughout the year, containing tennis, bowling, Golf, etc.

Young individuals in New Zealand like going to cinemas and cafes with their groups. Bars are popular gathering places, particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings. But you need to be 18 or older for getting into a bar.
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