Study Cost and Financial Aid

Studying in New Zealand is not as expensive as studying in other developed countries. But all costs and financial assistance depends on the time period and type of the course that you choose to follow. Many of New Zealand's colleges aim to make the living of international scholars easier. There are three kinds of costs that an international student has to organize for, i.e., fee of the programme, extra expenditure on stationary, study materials and moving and living expenses.

Annual Course Fee in New Zealand 

New Zealand universities levy anything in the middle of 15000 NZ$ to 25000 NZ$, every year, for UG packages. Some technical options cost higher than regular courses. PG options are valued at $30000 to $40000 per year.

Cost of Living & Accommodation in New Zealand

Accommodations are offered at universities, so, they are a decent option for pupils not working part time. For those planning outdoor stay, private flats are available. Some Homestay landlords include food in accommodation charges. Rentals are dispersed around universities. Sharing the flats is always a decent option.

The estimated annual living expenses are round NZ $10,000 - $12,000, which comprises housing as well as other daily expenditures. Nevertheless, the expenses are diverse for different people subjected to the way of life and this is just an irregular idea. The cost of living depends upon your choice of accommodation – Hostels, Homestay or independent Flats.
  • Average cost of living in a hostel including mealtimes is about 200 to 300 New Zealand Dollars every week.
  • Average cost of living in a Homestay is about NZ180 $ every week.
  • Leasing a house will cost you round 100 dollars plus daily outlays like food and transport per week.

Financial Aid in New Zealand for International Students

Funds are essential for rent, diet, transportation and other course costs like books. For overseas students, there are research expenditures including global literature explorations and data assortment in excess to the schooling fees. There are some scholarships and funds that can help you in your education in New Zealand

Some of the grants and funding foundations in New Zealand are:
  1. The New Zealand overseas Development Assistance (NZoDA) postgraduate scholarships try to cover ticket price, housing, living costs and tuition fees. The number of allowances awarded is very restricted and it is only provided to students with an extraordinary academic constancy.
  2. New Zealand has a Government Mutual Aid Program in which NZoDA Study Award Studentships are offered to a number of students from the ASEAN regions, Southern Asia and Commonwealth African countries. Here too, Scholarships usually take care of ticket price, housing and living costs, apart from the education fee. 
  3. Undergraduates from Commonwealth nations may apply for the assistance for undertaking further courses. If the selected areas of your study equal those that are offered in the New Zealand colleges then you will be informed.
  4. Financial aid is offered on enrolment with many of New Zealand's individual universities. A personal upkeep total of NZ $950 is presented in addition to travel, accommodation and tuition costs. 

Scholarships for International Students

A scholarship is a funding of money to help foreign students with their education in New Zealand. It can pay towards your programme costs or help with living expenditures. How much it is to give to given is decided by the university granting scholarship.

Many universities in New Zealand offer scholarships to different types of students and for diverse reasons. And the scholarship may range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. 

You don’t necessarily need highest grades to dig up a scholarship. There are many scholarships that consider your region, academic abilities, needs, cultural background, future plans, historical events, and subject areas.

For more details see Education Funding
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