Standardized Tests for Scholarships and Higher Education in New Zealand

The New Zealand has been considered as one of the prominent study destinations across the globe. Students consider pursuing their higher education in New Zealand due to the world class education standards and cost affordability. Students pursuing their higher education in New Zealand also get immense job opportunities in future. The education imparted by most of the New Zealand universities ensures that there is equal balance between practical and theoretical learning. 

For international students, there are some mandatory requirements to enroll in any of the New Zealand universities. Out of all those, international tests remain a top priority. Students enrolling in any of the degrees, courses, or certifications need to take some tests and attain a score set by universities. Some of the important international tests are:
  • GMAT
IELTS or International English Language Testing System is an international standardized test of English language for non-native English language speakers. It measures a student’s ability to communicate in English across all four language skills - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The test is widely accepted by every country and its scores play a vital role for the admission of student in foreign universities. It is a mandatory test for all students irrespective of course or degree he/she is opting. There is no minimum score to clear the exam. However, test report card is issued to every student mentioning his/her band from ‘1’ to ‘9’. Band 1 is given to non-users while band 9 is given to experts. Learn more about IELTS here

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is also a standardized tests for English language. The test is a compulsory exam for those students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate study in New Zealand. The TOEFL is taken by the students on computer and can be given year round. There are four sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure, Reading Comprehension and Writing. It is accepted by almost all the Universities in New Zealand. Students can either take TOEFL or IELTS to prove their English proficiency. However, it may depend on the university that as to which test it accepts and which not. Learn more about TOEFL here 

GMAT or Graduate Management Aptitude Test is a standardized test for students seeking to pursue to business administration in foreign universities. It is a computer-adaptive test in mathematics and the English language for measuring a student’s aptitude to succeed academically in graduate business studies. It is universally accepted test and many prominent institutes in New Zealand ask for GMAT scores before enrolling any student in MBA. Learn more about GMAT here

These standardized tests are crucial to take admission in different courses and degree programmes in New Zealand. In order to crack these exams, students need to start preparing from Day 1 and ensure that they are prepared thoroughly. 

Here is a list of some tips that can help you crack these international tests:
  1. Start from basics: When you are preparing for any competitive exam, it is crucial to strengthen your basics so that you can easily understand problems. If your basics aren’t strong, you can end up wasting time on difficult questions. 
  2. Time management: In competitive examinations, time plays a major role. Since there is fixed time limit so students must manage their time accordingly. This can only be achieved by practicing and devoting equal time to every section. 
  3. Don’t waste time only one section: One of the common mistakes that students make is wasting too much time on difficult questions that they leave easy ones also. With this, they don’t even get time to revise their answers once.
  4. Practice hard: Practice makes a man perfect. Hence, students are required to practice mock tests and questions as much as possible. This will enable them to solve wide-variety of questions effectively. 
These are some of the tips who can help students crack competitive exams effectively.
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