Post Doctorate Degrees in New Zealand

One of the most imperative steps in a scientists’ profession is their first post-doctoral fellowship. The major challenge becomes to be put into practise what you have studied rather than studying vigorously. It’s time you collect a salary not a scholarship, and you begin paying government taxes rather than tuition fees. Towards the end of the fellowship, a fellow would have established own research track, and will be equipped with taking a methodical question from formulation to resolution.

The New Zealand Post-doctoral Fellowships enable recipients to embark on full-time research programmes within New Zealand in any field of mathematics, science, technology, or engineering at an appropriate research institution. Applications are encouraged from within New Zealand and from those who are residing overseas and would use the Fellowship to return to prolong their research careers.

The Doctoral Fellowship is a degree of research by which an individual makes a substantial contribution to the knowledge part by being an independent scholar. Generally, it is the zenith of education which starts at the undergraduate level and accomplishes the goal of the post graduate level. Under the guidance of the connoisseurs, the doctorate degree is attained which assists in being a self reliant and gives a chance to make access to research resources individually. By choosing own career and subject of study, one can involve his sustainability and extensive in it which further will be presented in the form of thesis to add in intellectual acquaintance. In New Zealand, it is the highest qualification available when it comes to academic qualifications.

Post-Doctorate Degrees in New Zealand

Applicants from all over the globe have discovered a Post-Doctorate from New Zealand as the best final step in their learning and professional callings. It is a vast field with great options in which an applicant can build his/her career from the top notch universities of New Zealand. The Oceania Island Country has a name for high quality Post-Doctoral education held to international standards.

Indeed, New Zealand is universally recognized as one of the most picturesque countries in the world, offering numerous activities for students pursuing a Post-Doctorate in a specific subject.

Student Admission Requirements for Post-Doctoral Fellowship in New Zealand

  • The Post-doctoral Fellowship imparts two years support for brilliant science or medical graduates with New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency who hold a doctoral degree of not more than five years standing at the time of commencing the Fellowship. Applicants are required to have had their PhD conferred no over three years before the application cut-off date.
  • Applicants must be either New Zealand citizens or have incessantly lived in New Zealand for as a minimum of two years immediately prior to their application and hold, or are deemed to hold, a New Zealand resident visa. All applicants are required to submit official Graduate Record Examination scores.
  • The faculty of doctorate university decides whether a candidate is eligible for getting enrolled in the university or not.
  • Be resident in a developing country as identified by the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD (DAC).
  • For international applicants, graduates of a non CODA accredited institution entails an English proficiency (TOEFL), a score of 550 as a minimum.
For International Students Only:
  • Certified accreditation of documents must be handed over to the university. 
  • Proficiency in the English language has to be shown as evidence via TOEFL or IELTS. 
  • Research interest expression should be provided. 
For all National and Local Students:
  • Citizenship and identity proof to be shown. 
  • Degree certificates copy must be provided. 
  • Writing sample of the English language for proficiency. 
  • Scores of IELTS must be shown before enrolment.

New Zealand University Offerings

  • Proper accommodation and living areas are provided to the students. 
  • Fee of every course has to be submitted at the time of admission. 
  • Salary is equally distributed among national and international researchers. 
  • Great faculty with full independent research facility is available to add more to knowledge. 
There are various offerings in the post-doctorate degree for students depending upon their field of interest. They can choose and enrol in any of available fields in New Zealand universities, provided they submit a thesis report of the same. 

Post Doctorate Fellowships in New Zealand

The typical Post Doctorate degrees offered by the Universities in New Zealand are as follows:
  • Post doctorate degree in science and health
  • Post doctorate degree in engineering and computing
  • Post doctorate degree in computer science
  • Post doctorate degree in human science
  • Post doctorate degree in biochemistry
  • Post doctorate degree in economics
  • Post doctorate degree in physics
  • Post doctorate degree in chemistry. 
Among all the universities in New Zealand, the highest degree served by them is post-doctorate fellowship. A proper supervision and commitment by students make earning the degree more interesting and worthwhile. 

For latest Post Doctorate Fellowship Programmes see Universities in New Zealand
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