Doctorate Degrees in New Zealand

In the field of education, one of the sought after and highest level education degree is  PhD or Doctor of Philosophy. The curriculum of study for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) consists of a programme of research and writing a thesis under academic guardianship.

A PhD generally takes at least three years of immense intellectual and academic precision. Applicants need all of their intelligence and research skills, as well as substantial dedication and tenacity in order to score well in PhD or Doctorate course. The first year of registration is provisional with approval of full registration anticipated after some specific conditions have been met, including the presentation and acknowledgement of a full research proposal.

For a doctorate degree programme, appropriate research facilities are accessible by only some of the top notch universities. In order to acquire a worthwhile degree and wide areas of research, New Zealand must be one of the destinations to be in your list of options. It is a place where you can find top notch universities which are globally recognised for their excellence in education and practical research work. A pattern of new ideas, independent learning and self approach is followed. For doctorate degrees in New Zealand, it is obligatory to make a thesis which must be guided under supervision of the subject field head.

Doctorate Degree in New Zealand

Earning a PhD from a top notch university in New Zealand is an excellent way to mark yourself from your contemporaries. Not only will you be earning a degree from a globally recognised university, but also you will be experiencing a new and exciting society. However, there are some specific requirements which you will need to accomplish before enrolling in a doctorate course in New Zealand.

Most PhD programmes in New Zealand last for three years. PhDs is entirely research-based. Student Admission Requirements for Doctorate Course in New Zealand

Applying in the New Zealand University requires you to be a post-graduate from a reputed university and must show evidence of ability to perform a research in the specific field. However, this requirement does not promise a seat as you also need to be accepted by the University and the assigned supervisor.
  • With first class or second class honors degree, one has to show evidence of the same. Confirmation can also be formed with the master’s degree involving suitable research factor.
  • Those applicants who have shown an individual interest in the field of research are more preferred by universities.
  • A passport is also mandatory.
  • English proficiency proof must be shown by international students. They must have scored at least 6.5 bands when it comes to tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • A confirmation of their living and tuition fees ought to be covered before they get enrolled.

For International Students Only

  • International students will need a student visa and a student permit for pursuing their doctoral studies in New Zealand.
  • Special scholarship opportunities are available to international students.
  • In recent degree, one must have scored A/A average or minimum 4.0 GPA.
  • All students applying to a University in New Zealand must meet the suitable academic and English language requirements.
  • One year open work permit is bestowed to the international students.
  • If you are a full-time student, you can also take up a part time job and work for maximum 20 hours in a week during academic years.

For local and national students

  • Before submitting an admission form, students are required to gain an expression of approval from the faculty team. Through the study options, applicants in the belonging countries can apply for the respective degrees.  Students can enroll directly if they have scored really good in their postgraduate.
  • Bringing in a doctorate degree from New Zealand will make a person more dexterous and independent. Equivalent educational benefits are provided to international students as the local students.
  • New Zealand University Offerings.
  • One can apply for one year work visa after completion of the degree. Under the provisions of a student visa, they can work on their own terms. Fees will not be charged to the students as they can study free of cost.
New Zealand insures education of high level with immense facilities and a pleasant stay. Doctorate degree in New Zealand bestows expertise to the students in their own field. New Zealand’s Ministry of Education provides quality education with comfortable living and expert teaching. It is an amazing platform for those who dream to excel in future. Students can form a bright flourishing professional career once you are through with your doctorate or PhD degree. 

Popular Doctorate Degree Courses in New Zealand

Here are some of the most popular Doctorate programmes which are available to the students planning to take up a course in a University in New Zealand;
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology
  • Doctor of Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy (College of Business)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (College of Creative Arts)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (College of Education)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (College of Health)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (College of Sciences)
Apart from these doctorate courses, you may also enroll in other programmes depending upon your requirement.

For latest guidelines about Doctoral Programs and admission offer etc. see Universities in New Zealand
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